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You have all the elements within you to be healthy… 




We are part of nature, and have a symbiotic relationship with germs. Germs are not the enemy! ...

"Out of the billions of bacteria and viruses we have in our bodies, most are considered “friendly germs.” Bacteria is essential for proper digestion and it scavenges dead cells in our body so they can be replaced by new healthy cells." -Jeanne Ohm, DC Jeanne Ohm, DC shifts the paradigm with insight into the germ theory, read it here:

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Elements of Being, Chiropractic Center shared Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine's photo. ...

"When was the last time you took off your shoes and walked barefoot in the dirt, the grass, or a puddle of water?" Take off your shoes and "be free to let the world tickle your senses!" Read Kacie Flegal, DC's article for more information on the benefits of going barefoot:

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